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Food Programming

We know nourishing learners at school helps to improves academic outcomes as well as build stronger connections among peers, adults and with the community. With that in mind, Coast Mountains School District is committed to improving food programming throughout the district.

Our focus is to foster healthy, stigma-free food environments in our schools, making nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack options accessible to every learner in our system. Our Food Programming team strives to create community partnerships wherever possible, in an effort to create sustainable food solutions throughout the Northwest region.

With recent announcements from the British Columbia government related to food programming, our schools are becoming better positioned to meet the nutritional needs of our learners. 


BC Feeding Futures Fund -

BC Build A School Food Program -

Coalition for Healthy School Food -

Breakfast Club of Canada –

Coming Soon – Nutrition Standards for Coast Mountains School District

If you are interested in finding out how you can get involved, or possibly financially support food programming Coast Mountains School District, please contact Shawna Wilson, District Food Coordinator, by email at