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Make a Donation

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of children in the Coast Mountains School District? It's now easier than ever!

While schools are funded by the provincial government, the school district strives to provide a host of additional supports for children and families that complement and extend beyond the classroom to provide the best educational opportunities possible. Donations help fund initiatives such as meal programs, after-school clubs, arts, and recreational programs, and more. The Coast Mountains School District is a registered Canadian charity, and gifts can even be made in the name of someone you wish to honour, such as a family member, loved one, teacher or friend.


How to Make a Donation?

Debit payments are now accepted, and a donor can choose to give to any school or program in the School District through electronic transfer payment. Simply send the donation to Please include a password with the payment, and reach out separately with an email to Lynda Lang, Manager of Finance by email at or by phone at 250.638.4427

Contributions may still be made using traditional payment methods via cheque or cash to our School District office. At this time, we are not able to process credit cards.


Additional Details About Tax Receipts

The Board of Education of School District No. 82 (Coast Mountains School District) is a registered charitable organization and can only issue charitable tax receipts for donations that meet certain qualifications.

§  All proceeds benefit the students at the Coast Mountains School District in numerous programs at schools in our district for the purpose of "advancement of education".

§  The name of the school and intent of the donation (if applicable), the donors full name, email address, phone number and mailing address is required to receive a charitable tax receipt.  Information must be sent via email to at the same time as payment.

§  Payments made to support a specific child's participation in an activity will not be receipted by official tax receipt for income tax purposes.

§  Do not use this Donation Module to pay for any school or student fees.

Thank you for your support of our learners. Please retain the original receipt sent to you via email as duplicates cannot be issued.


School District Partners

Coast Mountains School District and its schools are incredibly fortunate to be the beneficiaries of many community-minded partners, including local businesses, service groups and individuals. Learn more about our key partners here.  


For More Information

If you are looking for more information or would like to discuss making a donation to Coast Mountains School District, contact Lynda Lang, Manager of Finance, by phone at 250.638.4427 or by email at