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policies and procedures

Board policies are governance statements that guide the operation of the school district. They typically contain statements of beliefs, expectations and specific requirements and collectively provide a framework for district staff to carry out their responsibilities. 

Administrative procedures are the practices established by the Superintendent that direct staff in meeting the expectations established within Board policies. 


In Coast Mountains School District, Board policies are divided into the following categories: 

  • Section 1000 - Students & Schools - Policies relate to curriculum, programs and resources provided for students, including safe schools, diversity, code of conduct, transportation, curricular-related field trips and extra-curricular activities.
  • Section 2000 - Personnel - Policies relate to matters of concern to employees within the district excluding areas covered under Collective Agreements.
  • Section 3000 - Finances - Policies relate to financial operations of the school district, including use of assets, purchasing, expenses and school funds.
  • Section 4000 - Facilities, Grounds & Equipment - Policies relate to the public use of grounds, buildings, equipment, the REM Lee Theatre and the Mount Elizabeth Theatre.
  • Section 5000 - Governance - Policies relate to the structure and operation of the Board of Education.

Board Policies are listed below by category.