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School Trustee Censured for Misconduct

  • Jun 12, 2024
  • Carole Gagnon


At a Special In Camera Meeting held on May 27, 2024, the Coast Mountains School District Board of Education voted to censure Trustee Michael Maxim for misconduct.

Earlier in May, the Board received a complaint regarding allegations of misconduct by Trustee Maxim.  The meeting on May 27 provided an opportunity for the trustee to be heard and have representation.  Following deliberations by the Board of Education, it was determined the trustee breached Coast Mountains School District Policies #2010 Harassment, #2020 Respectful Workplace and #5010 Trustee Code of Ethics.  The following sanctions were imposed for Trustee Maxim:

  • The trustee is excluded from In Camera Meetings of the Board until June 30, 2025;
  • The trustee is excluded from participation in Board Committees, Teacher-Trustee Meetings, or any other Board related meetings or functions (with the exception of participation at Regular Board Meetings) until June 30, 2025;
  • Trustee participation in Regular Board Meetings will be virtual until June 30, 2025;
  • The trustee is not to be on or in any School District school or property, including the Board of Education Office, without the prior consent from the Board Chairperson or Vice Chairperson
  • The trustee may participate in third-party hosted events, such as the BCSTA (BC School Trustees Association) Trustee Academy or Annual General Meeting, at his own expense should he choose;
  • Sanctions imposed on the trustee are to be shared with the public.

The trustees of Coast Mountains School District recognize the importance of community confidence in the integrity and operations of the Board, and as a result, we are sharing this information with you.


Margaret Warcup
Chairperson, Board of Education