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Leadership Staffing Announcement for Kitimat Schools

  • Jan 24, 2024
  • Carole Gagnon

Coast Mountains School District is pleased to share a leadership staffing update impacting schools in Kitimat.

Currently serving as Vice Principal at Mount Elizabeth Middle/Secondary School, Spencer Edwards will transition next week to take on Vice Principal responsibilities alongside Principal Janelle Hittel at Kildala Elementary School for the balance of the school year.

Spencer’s administrative responsibilities will continue as the Indigenous Graduation Advisor at both Mount Elizabeth Middle/Secondary School and Kitimat City High School, to increase the success of Indigenous learners.  This work includes building trusting relationships with learners, identifying and removing barriers, advocacy within the school’s circle of caring adults, monitoring student academic performance, and supporting learners with culturally relevant approaches to goal setting, all to ensure Indigenous learners are on track for success.

I am excited for Spencer to gain school leadership experience at the elementary level at Kildala, further adding to his administrative toolkit at K-12.

Aaron Callaghan
Superintendent of Schools