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Mentoring Programs

Coast Mountains School District offers a Teacher Mentorship Program to all teachers who are beginning their career or are new to our district. 

Through the collaborative efforts of our Mentorship Team, new teachers are connected with a district mentor/experienced colleague who each offer support, guidance, encouragement, resources, and time to assist them in the many demands of their new teaching role.

We know that beginning teachers and those new to their role thrive under the mentorship of experienced colleagues, greatly improving both their effectiveness in the classroom and satisfaction with their work. Mentoring is a central component in helping to build and strengthen a professional culture of collegiality, collaboration, and learning within schools and districts.                    

Highlights of the Program

  • New Teacher Orientation: In late August teachers new to the district are invited to a presentation that provides them with information to assist with start-up activities. The information includes an orientation to district services, ideas for the first days in school, and an introduction to key individuals in the district.
  • At both the elementary and secondary level, direct one-to-one mentoring/assistance is provided by a district mentor. The district mentor provides individual classroom support, observations/team teaching opportunities, resource and networking information. This can include facilitating the opportunity for the teacher to observe in other classrooms. Guidance and ideas related to classroom management, scheduling, planning and organizing are also available.
  • Mentors/coaches also assist new teachers in a variety of duties that include long-term planning, evaluation and reporting, and resource-gathering. Partners also use the time for classroom observations and professional growth. Mentoring partnerships are designed to meet the diverse needs of teachers.
  • Professional Growth: District opportunities are offered throughout the year for elementary and secondary teachers. They are designed to highlight areas of best practice, and to emphasize those strategies and practices identified by new teachers as being most useful to their first classroom experience. Sessions typically include: Classroom Management, Assessment and Evaluation, Reporting, Communicating with Parents, Curriculum Planning, Planning for Students with Special Needs & Differentiated Instruction. Attendance at these workshops is optional.

For more information about the District Mentorship Program, please contact Phillip Barron, District Principal:


Telephone: 1-250-638-4406