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Committees and Liaisons

Agenda items for the Regular Board Meetings are filtered through the Board’s standing committees – the Education Committee and the Business Committee – for review and/or recommendation to the Board.  The Education and Business Committees meet monthly during the school year. 


Education Committee

For the 2022-23 school year, committee members include:

Karen Jonkman – Chair
Wayne Jones
Julia Sundell
Aaron Callaghan – Superintendent
Julia Nieckarz – Director of Instruction, Learner Support
Geraldine Lawlor – Director of Instruction, Graduation & Innovation
Robert Clifton – Director of Instruction, Indigenous Education
Additional Education Committee partners include:
CMAA, CUPE, Local First Nations, DPAC, & CMTF 


Business Committee

For the 2022-23 school year, committee members include:

Ed Harrison – Chair
Margaret Warcup
Sonny Duncan-Green
Mike Maxim
Ginger Fuller – Secretary Treasurer
Aaron Callaghan – Superintendent

Trustee School Liaison Assignments

Trustee school liaison assignments provide an opportunity for increased communication between trustees and school communities. Schools throughout the district are divided among trustees to ensure the trustees have knowledge of their electoral area schools and the programs and initiatives that are achieving the district’s goals.


For the 2022-23 school year, Trustee School Liaison Assignments include:




Hazelton Secondary School – TBD

Majagaleehl Gali Aks Elementary School – TBD

New Hazelton Elementary School – TBD




Kildala Elementary School – Trustee Karen Jonkman

Kitimat City High School – Trustee Karen Jonkman

Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School – Trustee Sonny Duncan-Green

Nechako Elementary School – Trustee Sonny Duncan-Green




Kitwanga Elementary School – TBD




Bear Valley School Trustee – Wayne Jones




Caledonia Secondary School – Trustee Ed Harrison

Cassie Hall Elementary School – Trustee Ed Harrison

Indigenous Education Centre – Trustee Margaret Warcup

Ecole Mountainview – Trustee Margaret Warcup

Northwest Trades & Employment Training Centre – Trustee Karen Jonkman

Parkside Secondary School – Trustee Ed Harrison

Skeena Middle School – Trustee Margaret Warcup

Suwilaawks Community School – Trustee Margaret Warcup

Uplands Elementary School – Trustee Ed Harrison




Thornhill Elementary School – TBD

Thornhill Primary School – TBD