The Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) is a self-report questionnaire that asks children in Grade 4 to Grade 8 about their thoughts, feelings and experiences in school and in the community.  It is a unique and comprehensive questionnaire that helps us gain a deeper understanding of how children are doing at this stage in their lives.  Researchers working at the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) are using results to learn more about children’s social-emotional health and well-being.  In addition, the MDI is being used across sectors to support collaboration and inform policy and practice.

The MDI uses a strengths-based approach to assess five areas of development that are strongly linked to well-being, health and academic achievement.  In addition, the MDI focuses on highlighting the promotive and protective factors and assets that are known to support and optimize development in middle childhood.  These areas are: Social and Emotional Development, Physical Health and Well-Being, Connectedness, Use of After-School Time and School Experiences. Each of these dimensions is made up of several measures. Each measure is made up of one or more individual questions.

Combining select measures from the MDI helps paint a more comprehensive portrait of children’s overall well-being and the assets that contribute to their healthy development.  The results for key MDI measures are summarized by two indices: The Well-Being Index and the Assets Index.

Please find the MDI 2021-22 School District & Community Reports for Coast Mountains School District 82 for Grades 5, 6 and 8 … access the links learn more about these reports and the 2021-22 results for School District 82:


MDI 2021-22 Grade 5 School District & Community Report – SD82 Coast Mountains

MDI 2021-22 Grade 6 School District & Community Report – SD82 Coast Mountains

MDI 2021-22 Grade 8 School District & Community Report – SD82 Coast Mountains


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