Holiday Greeting from CMSD82 Superintendent of Schools – December 18 2020


Dear Teaching & Support Staff, School Leaders, Parents & School Communities,


I can remember many a December as a teacher, school administrator and as a member of District staff when we were simply crawling to the finish line just trying to make it to the end before the Winter Break.  This December is very much unlike any of the other Decembers I remember.  This has been, by far, the most challenging December I have ever experienced as an educator.  We are surviving a pandemic while at the same time teaching and supporting students.  This is a significant feat and it is one that we are collectively facing.

As you cross the finish line to Winter Break, please do so knowing that your efforts matter a great deal to the success of our students.  Please remember that everyone’s role in School District 82 is important and has a positive impact on students and learning.

I want to share with you some of the email/phone call communications I have had recently:

  • A message from an Indigenous leader wanted me to know that people in her community want all schools closed. I responded to this person that school closures related to COVID-19 are not within the authority of the school district.  This leader is concerned about children and wants them to be safe.
  • I spoke with a father who had concerns about his son and his academic program. We talked about it and I encouraged him to reach out to the school so that his concerns would be heard.
  • I spoke with a great-grandmother who is so sad that her great-grandchildren will not be able to spend time with her if we don’t close schools, as she is immune-compromised.
  • I talked to a Terrace Standard reporter, who wanted a comment on a recent article about Northern Health response times. I answered his questions and at the end of our conversation he told me to “hang in there”.
  • I spoke with a mother who has a daughter who teaches in one of our schools. She wanted to express her concern for her daughter’s safety and the safety of children.  I discussed with her the information we are receiving from the Provincial Health Officer related to school safety plans and that schools are safe places for students to be.  We talked more about the pride she feels for the work her daughter does.  I echoed her thoughts.

The reason I share these communications with you is that they all had very similar themes:  kindness and appreciation despite these difficult and challenging times.  Each person, in their own way, shared their concerns in very appropriate and respectful ways and, additionally, made a point of recognizing the dedicated work of everyone in School District 82.  They specifically mentioned the work of support staff and teachers.

As you finish work today and begin to enjoy a well-deserved break, I would like you to do so knowing that the District Leadership Team and I, wish you a relaxing holiday filled with laughter and love of family and friends with our very best wishes for 2021.

T’oyaxsut’nuusm & Warmest Wishes,


Janet Meyer
Superintendent of Schools



Coming Events
  • March 29: Back to School following Spring Break
  • March 30: Tsimshian Language Family Bingo Night, 6pm to 7pm (virtual)
  • April 2: Good Friday (schools are not in session)
  • April 5: Easter Monday (schools are not in session)
  • April 7: Business Cttee Meeting (virtual)
  • April 7: Education Cttee Meeting (virtual)
  • April 15: Strategic Planning Engagement Session, 12noon to 1pm (virtual)
  • April 21: Regular (Public) Board Meeting, 5pm (virtual)
  • April 22: Earth Day
  • April 23: Non-Instructional Day (schools are not in session)
  • April 28: Day of Mourning
  • April 29: Haisla Language Family Bingo (virtual), 6pm to 7pm

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