• Students to benefit from investments in educational leadership June 13, 2018
    The Government of British Columbia is increasing leadership development funding for more than 3,500 education leaders, to meet the rapidly changing needs of students and communities throughout the province.
  • Nominate a deserving B.C. education professional today June 8, 2018
    Nominations close June 30, 2018, for the new Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education, honouring the dedication of British Columbia’s highly skilled and innovative teachers, administrators, principals, vice-principals and support staff.
  • Land purchase invests in future for students in Langley June 6, 2018
    A property purchase in Langley will lay the groundwork for a new elementary school for students and families in one of the province’s fastest-growing school districts.
  • Special advisor appointed to Cariboo-Chilcotin School District May 30, 2018
    Rob Fleming, Minister of Education, has appointed Mike McKay as special advisor to the Cariboo-Chilcotin School District (SD 27) to help the district address its challenges, and respond to the recommendations in Dianne Turner’s report to ensure student success in the community.


The Secretary Treasurer’s Office oversees the business areas of Finance & Administration, Information Technology and Facilities.


Department Contacts:

Secretary Treasurer
Alanna Cameron Tel: 250-638-4434
  Email: alanna.cameron@cmsd.bc.ca
Executive Assistant to Secretary Treasurer
Carole Gagnon Tel: 250-638-4401
  Email: carole.gagnon@cmsd.bc.ca
Receptionist & Executive Assistant
Blanche Olson-Wight Tel: 250-638-4411
Email: blanche.olson-wight@cmsd.bc.ca
Lynda Lang
Tel: 250-638-4427
  Email: lynda.lang@cmsd.bc.ca
Accounting Clerk / MyEdBC Coordinator 
Lynn Lindstrom Tel: 250-638-4429
  Email: lynn.lindstrom@cmsd.bc.ca
Accounts Payable Clerk
Verona Chesterman Tel: 250-638-4483
  Email: verona.chesterman@cmsd.bc.ca
Accounting Clerk
 Shelley Smith Tel: 250-638-4484
  Email: shelley.smith@cmsd.bc.ca
Payroll – CUPE & Casual Staff 
Chantal Callbreath Tel: 250-638-4419
  Email: chantal.callbreath@cmsd.bc.ca
Payroll – Exempt Staff,  Teachers & TOCs
Denise McGillivray Tel: 250-638-4404
  Email: denise.mcgillivray@cmsd.bc.ca
Purchasing Agent 
Steve McPhillips Tel: 250-638-4423
  Email: steven.mcphillips@cmsd.bc.ca



2017-2018 CMSD82 Amended Annual Budget

2017-2018 CMSD82 Annual Budget

2016-2017 CMSD82 Amended Annual Budget

2016-2017 CMSD82 Annual Budget

2015-2016 CMSD82 Amended Annual Budget

2015-2016 CMSD82 Annual Budget

2014-2015 CMSD82 Amended Annual Budget

2014-2015 CMSD82 Annual Budget


Financial Statements:

CMSD82 2016-2017 Audited Financial Statements

CMSD82 Audited Financial Statements 2015-2016

CMSD82 Audited Financial Statements 2014-2015

CMSD82 Audited Financial Statements 2013-2014

CMSD82 Audited Financial Statements 2012-2013 


Statement of Financial Information (S.O.F.I.):

CMSD82 2016-2017 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

CMSD82 SOFI Report 2015-2016

CMSD82 SOFI Report 2014-2015

CMSD82 SOFI Report 2013-2014

CMSD82 SOFI Report 2012-2013


Public Sector Executive Compensation Reports:

CMSD82 2016-2017 Public Sector Executive Compensation Disclosure Report

CMSD82 2015-2016 Public Sector Executive Compensation Disclosure Report

CMSD82 Public Sector Executive Compensation Report – September 2015

CMSD82 Public Sector Executive Compensation Report – September 2014

CMSD82 Public Sector Executive Compensation Report – September 2013



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