What is Numeracy?

  • life-long and active processes that begin at birth and develop throughout one’s lifetime
  • foundational to successful living, learning and participating in today’s society
  • used to make decisions that impact one’s life
  • the means through which students develop knowledge and understanding in each subject/discipline area
  • a shared responsibility of all K-12 educators in all subjects or disciplines

We use literacy and numeracy every day when we interpret a utility bill, choose a cell phone plan, answer an email, post a message on social media, figure out how much paint to buy or compare prices at the grocery store.

Coast Mountains School District students need strong literacy and numeracy skills to navigate and make meaning in an increasingly complex and changing world.  Literacy and numeracy are the means through which individuals access and understand information. Literacy and numeracy are foundational to successful living, learning and working in today’s society.

Literacy and numeracy are used to acquire, construct and communicate understanding of the content in all subjects and disciplines and at all grade levels.

Many jurisdictions across Canada and around the world are addressing the importance of literacy and numeracy. Generally, literacy is addressed within language arts programs and numeracy within mathematics programs.  Based on research, BC Education envisions a more intentional approach to literacy and numeracy development in all subjects and disciplines and all grade levels.

Coast Mountains School District supports the further development of instructional skills and strategies to provide the training necessary for students to be successful in math.

It is clear that students learn in different ways and at different rates. As a result, teaching concepts in math require effective strategies that construct understanding of numeracy in meaningful ways.  A ‘balanced’ Numeracy Program needs to include instruction in the areas of Concepts and Applications, Strategies and Approaches, Accuracy, and Representation and Communication. These four areas are the focus for Numeracy Performance Standards, a document that is used to assess Numeracy in B.C.

Coast Mountains School District is committed to foster and support the development of numeracy skills, and believes that along with literacy, numeracy skills are essential for learner success in the 21st Century.

For more information regarding the Numeracy Program within Coast Mountains School District, please contact our District Numeracy Coordinator as follows:

Karen Scales – District Numeracy Coordinator
Direct Dial Tel: (250) 615-3051
Email: karen.scales@cmsd.bc.ca

For more information, please visit the Numeracy Resources Support website at http://ns.cmsd.bc.ca/.

The District Numeracy Coordinator’s office is located in the First Nations Education Centre at our Suwilaawks Community School based in Terrace at 3430 Sparks Street.

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