• Vaping restrictions to protect youth November 14, 2019
    The Province will restrict vapour product access, flavours, nicotine content, packaging and advertising, and intends to increase taxes on vapour products, to protect youth from risks associated with vaping.
  • Richmond students have fun, stay fit with three new playgrounds November 13, 2019
    Students at three Richmond elementary schools are benefiting from new playgrounds that encourage active learning and healthy lifestyles.
  • Burnaby students supported with three new school playgrounds November 13, 2019
    Students at three Burnaby schools are among the more than 25,000 B.C. children in 101 schools throughout B.C. who will have access to new school playgrounds, contributing to their positive health and well-being, now and in the future.
  • New early learning guide sets up young learners for success November 8, 2019
    British Columbian children ages eight and under will have access to high-quality early learning experiences that will help ensure they are successful from infancy, thanks to the release of a new provincial early learning guide.


Coast Mountains Board of Education School District 82
3211 Kenney Street, Terrace BC  V8G 3E9
Tel: 250-635-4931 / Toll Free (B.C. only): 1-855-635-4931
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Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (PST), Monday to Friday

CMSD82 2019-2020 Principals-Vice Principals & School Contact Listing

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Name Contact Information
Superintendent of Schools
Ms. Janet Meyer Phone: 250-638-4407
Acting Superintendent of Schools
Email: janet.meyer@cmsd.bc.ca
Secretary Treasurer
Mr. Raymond McDonald Phone: 250-638-4434
Secretary Treasurer Email: raymond.mcdonald@cmsd.bc.ca
Executive Assistant
Ms. Carole Gagnon Phone: 250-638-4401
EA to the Superintendent & Board Email: carole.gagnon@cmsd.bc.ca
Executive Assistant
Ms. Blanche Olson-Wight Phone:
EA to the Secretary Treasurer
Indigenous Education Contact
Ms. Agnes Casgrain Phone: 250-638-4464
Director of Instruction, Indigenous Education Email: agnes.casgrain@cmsd.bc.ca
MyEdBC Contact
Ms. Lynn Lindstrom Phone: 250-638-4429
MyEdBC Coordinator Email: lynn.lindstrom@cmsd.bc.ca
Early Learning Contact
Ms. Agnes Casgrain Phone: 250-638-4464
District Early Learning Coordinator
Email: agnes.casgrain@cmsd.bc.ca
Facilities Contact
Mr. Travis Elwood Phone: 250-638-4405
Director of Facility Services Email: travis.elwood@cmsd.bc.ca
Financial Contact
Mr. Raymond McDonald Phone: 250-638-4434
Secretary Treasurer Email: raymond.mcdonald@cmsd.bc.ca
French Immersion Contact
Mr. Eric Gearey Phone: 250-635-3115
District French Immersion Coord. Email: eric.gearey@cmsd.bc.ca
Human Resources Contact   
Ms. Kiran Bath Phone: 250-638-4441
Acting Director of Human Resources Email: kiran.bath@cmsd.bc.ca
School Support & Intl. Education Contact
Ms. Geraldine Lawlor Phone: 250-638-4480
Director of Instruction, Graduation & Innovation Email: geraldine.lawlor@cmsd.bc.ca
IT Contact   
Mr. Andrew Nutma Phone: 250-638-4452
Information Technology Manager Email: andrew.nutma@cmsd.bc.ca
Learner Support Contact
Ms. Julia Nieckarz
Phone: 250-638-4415
Director of Instruction, Learner Support Email: julia.nieckarz@cmsd.bc.ca
Transportation Contact
Ms. Jeep Weber Phone: 250-638-4418
Coordinator of Facility Services
Email: jeep.weber@cmsd.bc.ca


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