For the information of CMSD82 employees …. the BC government announced today the initial allocation of 200,000 self-administered COVID-19 rapid antigen tests for immediate use in the K-12 sector.  These tests are being provided to support at-home testing of symptomatic employees and are an additional tool to support the continuity of learning in our schools.  Rapid tests should be used by employees when they are experiencing mild COVID-19 symptoms.

Please reference the following informational letter to employees (click on link) summarized by the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) which provides guidance for when to use the test, instructions for self-administering the test and direction on what to do in the case of a positive or negative result:

 BCCDC Rapid Antigen at Home Test Instructions – K-12 School District/Authority Staff

The rapid antigen tests being provided are in addition to existing testing pathways.  Testing continues to be available for individuals when recommended by public health and for use by Medical Health Officers when determined necessary as part of cluster and outbreak investigation.  All existing safety protocols and practices in schools should also be maintained.

Please note:

  • This first shipment of the rapid antigen tests is being supplied for use by school and district employees, including both teaching and non-teaching staff.
  •  There will be enough supply to provide two tests for every regular (full-time and part-time) CMSD82 employee.
  •  The Province will begin distribution early next week to all school districts.  Deployment and distribution of the rapid antigen tests to CMSD82 employees will be managed through the Board of Education Office.
  •  CMSD82 School Principals will be informed by the Board of Education Office when the rapid antigen tests will be available for regular school employees.

Employees are asked to contact their School Principal if they have any questions.


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