Coast Mountains Board of Education School District 82
3211 Kenney Street, Terrace BC  V8G 3E9
Tel: 250-635-4931 / Toll Free (BC only): 1-855-635-4931
Fax: 1-888-290-4786

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Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (PST), Monday to Friday

CMSD82 2016-2017 School Principals, Addresses & Phone List – Sept. 6, 2016

Name Contact Information
Superintendent of Schools
Ms. Katherine McIntosh Phone: 250-638-4407
Superintendent of Schools Fax: 1-888-290-4786
Secretary Treasurer
Ms. Alanna Cameron Phone: 250-638-4434
Secretary Treasurer Fax: 1-888-290-4786
Executive Assistant
Ms. Carole Gagnon Phone: 250-638-4401
EA to the Supt. & Secretary Treasurer Fax: 1-888-290-4786
Aboriginal Education Contact
Agnes Casgrain Phone: 250-638-4464
Director of Instruction, Aboriginal Education Fax: 1-888-253-3867
MyEdBC Contact
Ms. Lynn Lindstrom Phone: 250-638-4429
MyEdBC Coordinator Fax: 1-888-248-4091
Early Learning Contact
Ms. Agnes Casgrain Phone: 250-638-4464
District Early Learning Coordinator Fax: 1-888-253-3867
Facilities Contact
Mr. Travis Elwood Phone: 250-638-4405
Director of Facility Services Fax: 1-866-655-2242
Finance Contact
Ms. Alanna Cameron Phone: 250-638-4434
Secretary Treasurer Fax: 1-888-290-4786
Human Resources Contact   
Mr. Cameron MacKay Phone: 250-638-4441
Director of Human Resources Fax: 1-888-330-3467
International Education Contact
Ms. Janet Meyer Phone: 250-638-4480
Director of Instruction, School Support Fax: 1-888-231-2913
IT Contact   
Andrew Nutma Phone: 250-638-4452
Information Technology Manager Fax: 1-888-290-4786
Learner Support Contact  
Mr. Dave Bartley Phone: 250-638-4415
Director of Instruction, Learner Support Fax:  1-888-281-1568
Numeracy Contact
Ms. Karen Scales Phone: 250-638-6394
District Numeracy Coordinator
Fax: 1-888-811-1257
Literacy Contact
Ms. Julia Jacobs
Phone: 250-638-6394
District Literacy & Aboriginal Education Coordinator Fax: 1-888-811-1257
Transportation Contact
Ms. Jeep Weber Phone: 250-638-4418
Coordinator of Facility Services Fax: 1-866-655-2242
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Coming Events

  • June 14: Business Cttee. Meeting
  • June 14: Education Cttee. Meeting
  • June 21: National Aboriginal Day
  • June 21 & 28: Board of Education Mtgs.
  • June 29: Last Day of School
  • June 30: Administrative Day (schools are not in session)
  • June 30 to September 5: Summer Holidays!
  • September 6: First Day of School