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FYI-largeCoast Mountains Board of Education initiated the services of Mr. Frank Dunham as a consultant and process facilitator to review the current delivery model for alternate programs within Coast Mountains School District 82 during the week of April 27 to May 1, 2015.  The process provided an opportunity for all students, parents/caregivers and staff within our alternate programs, as well as community members, union representatives and senior staff to meet with Mr. Dunham to provide their feedback and comments on our alternate programs.

An Alternate Programs Review Report was prepared by Mr. Dunham based on the aforementioned facilitated process and feedback received.  The report in draft was reviewed during a full-day working session with the Board of Education and senior staff where supporting statements were developed to determine the direction of the alternate programs within the school district.

The draft Alternate Programs Review Report was reviewed by the Education Committee at its June 10, 2015 meeting and then forwarded to the Board of Education with a recommendation for adoption and implementation of the report recommendations.

At the June 17, 2015 Regular Board Meeting, the Coast Mountains Board of Education adopted the Alternate Programs Review Report as presented and approved the implementation of the report recommendations.

The Alternate Programs Review Report is provided as follows for your information and interest:

CMSD82 Alternate Programs Review Report – May 25, 2015

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