CMSD82 Board of Education News Release – June 16, 2019


The Board of Education for Coast Mountains School District 82 acknowledges and has clearly heard the concerns that have recently been brought forward by students, parents, community members and partner groups.

In response to those concerns, the Board of Education has decided to initiate a thorough review of the issues. In order to ensure the process is objective, thorough and efficient, we have engaged the services of an independent consultant.

We have retained Dianne Turner as our independent consultant (reference Dianne’s biography provided below).  Dianne is a well-respected educator and senior administrator within the public education system. Dianne has experience working with school districts and advising them on a wide range of challenges. She also has an extensive background in the BC Education Sector and has worked as a teacher, principal, superintendent and independent consultant.

Dianne Turner – Biography

Ms. Turner has been asked to gather relevant information, assess the issues that have been raised and report to the Board of Education. The intent of this process is to address the concerns that have been raised about collaboration within the school district and to identify processes for moving forward, with the priority being placed on the well-being and learning of students in the district.

We recognize that the timing of engaging people in this type of process is challenging, as the end of the school year is near. We ask for the communities’ patience as this process moves forward. Gathering the information and speaking with those concerned will take time. We also recognize this is a priority for our school district and we are starting this process immediately.

This review will begin June 18 and will continue into the fall.

The Board of Education values the strength and dedication of all employees in the school district and their devotion to continued student success. The intent of the review is not to change recent decisions made regarding principal and vice principal reassignments, but to move forward considering input from our communities, including our partner groups, that will include the interests of students, staff and leadership for all schools in the district.

We look forward to working with all of our communities in the school district in moving forward.

Shar McCrory
Board of Education




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