The following video published on July 1, 2015 reflects and celebrates local Gitxsan language and culture with the renaming of Majagaleehl Gali Aks Elementary School in Hazelton, B.C. from John Field Elementary School.  The name Majagaleehl Gali Aks Elementary School means “Flowers of the Rivers”, flowers referring to children and rivers acknowledging the numerous waterways in the traditional Gitxsan territory.  The Coast Mountains Board of Education passed a motion to change the name of John Field Elementary School to Majagaleehl Gali Aks School in February 2014 on the recommendation of the Education Committee and the Learner Success Committee.  The video was produced by Majagaleehl Gali Aks Elementary School.





CMSD82 News Release – Surinder Dhaliwal, Principal, Thornhill Elementary School  (PDF Format)


The Board of Education for Coast Mountains School District 82 is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Surinder Dhaliwal to the position of Principal, Thornhill Elementary School effective August 1, 2015.

Mr. Dhaliwal has worked for Coast Mountains School District as a classroom teacher for 15 years with experience at the elementary, middle and secondary levels. He is presently completing a temporary appointment as Vice Principal with Skeena Middle School for the period of August 1, 2014 to July 31, 2015.

Mr. Dhaliwal holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in Interdisciplinary Studies (Kinesiology/Reading, Elementary Education) and a BC Professional Teaching Certification. He is working towards his Master of Education degree in Leadership through Vancouver Island University.

Mr. Dhaliwal is a team player and a strong advocate for the… Continue reading


If you are a student who is required to take a Provincial Exam this summer, please read the information below.  Additional information can be found on the Ministry of Education web site.   Since all exams are electronic, you can locate the sample exams through the link previously stated.  If you have never attempted an electronic exam, it is suggested that you take the time to practice with the ‘past exams’.

Electronic Exams:  All Grades 10-12 required Provincial Exams will be administered electronically.

Exam Centre Location:  Skeena Middle School, 3411 Munroe Street, Terrace, B.C.

August Exam Schedule:  August 10, 11 & 12, 2015

Click on the following link for information regarding the August 2015 Provincial Exams Information.

Please email Mr. Geoff McKay, District Technical Skills Administrator for the North Coast Distance Education School (, to inform him you wish… Continue reading


imagesCAJGK22YMemo to CMSD82 Employees – Responsibility Change re NOII-AESN, CR4YR & French Immersion


Coast Mountains School District is pleased to announce the following changes in district staff responsibilities effective the 2015-2016 school year.

Kathy Eades, District Literacy Coordinator, Julia Nieckarz, Uplands Elementary School Principal and Christine Goncalves, Nechako Elementary School Vice Principal, will assume responsibility for NOII/AESN (Networks of Inquiry and Innovation/Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network) within the school district. Schools participate in the NOII and AESN on a voluntary and annual basis.  The Spiral of Inquiry provides school teams with the structure for guiding their improvement and innovation work. Participating schools develop a question to address through their inquiry, collaborate with colleagues through regional meetings, and share case studies in a spirit of generosity and curiosity. AESN schools link their inquiry specifically to Aboriginal ways of knowing.



CMSD82 News Release, Bill Lenuik, Vice Principal, NRTETC, Aug. 1, 2015 (PDF Format)


The Board of Education for Coast Mountains School District 82 is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Bill Lenuik to the position of Vice Principal for the Northwest Regional Trades & Employment Training Centre that will enter its first year of operation commencing September 2015 and will be located in the former Thornhill Junior Secondary School.

Currently the Principal at Thornhill Elementary School, Mr. Lenuik will assume his new position effective August 1, 2015. He will be greatly missed by the students and families of Thornhill Elementary having demonstrated exemplary leadership and making a positive difference for students through his knowledge and reputation as an outstanding teacher.

Mr. Lenuik holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Victoria specializing in English and Social Studies and has extensive teaching and Department Head… Continue reading